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Unique educational methodology to anyone.


We will turn your child into the real polyglot and grammar expert in different languages.


Creativity is a must-have element of any child’s upbringing. We offer miscellaneous courses.



We have special programs for the children who have no access to primary education.



Our students have active outdoors life thanks to the developed physical education program.

Other Services

After-School Caregiving

Tough day at work? We can give you a few extra hours and take care of your child.

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Overnight Caregiving

Leave your child for one night and he or she won't have a desire to go back home.

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Mother’s Helpers

We can look after your child even for a couple of days and host him or her in a comfortable dorm.

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Summer Childcare

You are welcome to visit our summer camp that will guarantee your child the best education environment.

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Special Olympics

Every year we sum up the results with special competition to encourage our babies.

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Educational Events

We have a lot of ways to make the education process for your child more entertaining.

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Meet Our Qualified Teachers

Your child will be as safe as the Bank of England.

Inga North

English Language

Marilyn Adams


Linda Guzman

Foreign Languages

Janet Morris

Art & Music

Parents Testimonials

Students and Parents Club

I feel safe for my little Ben every time I take him to his class. The teaching staff is professional and friendly.

This school is the best place in the whole world for any child. Positive atmosphere and much more.

The perfect establisment for primary education in the city. I have a lot of friends with the same opinion.